What We do 


- Baseball Touranments 

All tournaments are held at universities and other high class facilities. All proceeds go to reaching youth for Christ. ​

If time and space are available during a tournament we will try to host some sort of meal and speaker.  Here players will be able to create leadership and discipleship knowledge and skills. If we reach the few they can reach the many. 


We train athletes of all ages and sports with personal trainers that know exactly what is needed to help in that sport.

- Discipleship/Leadership  Programs 

All members of CrossTraining Sports are put through an eight week discipleship program: discipline, integrity, servanthood, courage, influence, passion, leadership & endurance. "Changing the lives of a few can influence the lives of many". 

CrossTraining Sports offers everything to build an athlete mentally, spiritually, and physically so that they may reach their full potential!


Who we are 


Every weekend, CrossTraining Sports uses its platform of baseball to reach the youth where it is our goal to raise up leaders within the community who can impact lives and lead the youth around them. At CrossTraining Sports it is not enough to just be good at baseball, we want great men that are willing to use the game to change lives.

"It is More Than Just a Game"

"It is not enough to teach our youth about the fundamentals of the game. We must teach them the fundamentals of life and how to build success after the game."

- Corey Warner (owner) 

"More Than Just a Game" 

Crosstraining Sports  

CrossTraining Sports 

Is a non-profit organization that is committed to changing lives through sports. The organization uses the platform of athletics to reach youth spiritually and develop future leaders in their communities. Sports is much more than just a game. It is a platform to build youth spiritually, mentally, and physically.
How do we do it? 

We are committed in each event we host to our 3 C's: Competition, Commitment, and Christ. 

- Competition Our events are hosted at the highest level of competition. Each team is invited and chosen to insure competitive events and proper sportsmanship 

- Commitment We are committed to each player both on and off the field. We are committed to providing the best host sites possible. Each participant deserves to play at the best sites each day not just one day. We are committed to not only playing great competition but to getting our athletes recruited at the highest level by great programs. Each athlete also deserves to be poured into spiritually, mentally, and physically to inspire them to be great men; not just great players. It's not just about the Game. 

- Christ Christ is the center of everything we do. He is the one who changes lives. Sports is a platform to bring Glory to the one who gave us the ability and skills to play at the highest level.