Crosstraining Sports  

"More Than Just a Game" 

Bodyshop Baseball- "More than Just a Game" 

At Bodyshop Baseball it is about so much more than just a game. While we are very good at what we do, we understand the values beyond the game. Each player is trained mentally, spiritually, and physically to help them reach their maximum potiental. 

Types of Training 

Baseball Specific Strength Training 
Improves overall strength of the athlete to help them get the most our of their ability. Bigger, Faster, Stronger. 

Speed And Agility 
Players have access to the best speed coaches in the state each day. 

Improved Flexibility & Range of Motion
Stretching is a critical part of any athletic routine. We know that. And work to improve it to help with injury prevention. 
Discipleship/Leadership Training
We not only train our players for skills on the field but for life off the field. True leaders are made. At CrossTraining we raise up Leaders for Christ to impact the community. 

Baseball Skills and Fundamentals 
Players get access to professional hitting instruction as well as pitching instruction

Why We do It

Bodyshop Baseball is not just a way to increase players ability on the field but it is a way to change their life. Each player is invested in mentally, spiritually, and physically to grow them as young men and as players. Our goal is to raise up christian leaders that can reach their community. If we reach the few they can reach the many. Our program is not about developing just a great baseball player. Our program develops great men who happen to be good at baseball. Baseball is meant to be more than just a game, its is meant to change and influence lives. It is meant to teach kids about life and turn boys into men. Every player deserves the opportunity to not just be the best player they can be, but to be the best man they can be. Bodyshop Baseball is and always will be much more than just a game.